Strengthen and Secure Social Security

Make sure the system is solvent with NO cuts in benefits! We  will eliminate the cap on earnings for ten (10) years. Once the cap is reached, the tax will be reduced to five percent (5%) for both the employer and the employee. Return Social Security to its original status, as a Trust Fund, so the money cannot be used for anything else except to act as Supplemental Income when workers retire.

Health Care

Have Medicare negotiate prescription drug prices to lower costs for ALL! Everyone will benefit. This will save everyone money especially to those on a fixed income.

Armed Services and Veterans

Active military members will receive a “Supplemental Check” of $100 per month to help with expenses. Expand the Veteran’s Choice program so that they can go to any doctor or hospital for most, if not all care closer to their home. This will reduce patient wait time as well as improve patient care.

Student Loans

To increase and attract more doctors, registered nurses and educators, a five year plan to reduce or eliminate student loans will enacted. Graduates will sign a five-year agreement to work in a municipal, county, state or government institution for five consecutive years and earn a loan forgiveness for $12,500 for Medical Doctors, $10,000 for Teachers and $8,000 for Registered Nurses for each year worked. Program is open to all US citizens and legal residents.